Homeopathic Birth Control

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I notice that one of the top searches on this blog is for folliculinum, homeopathic estrogen.  I am not sure if this is due to women seeking alternative options to the birth control pill or if it is because there are so many women suffering from infertility due to an overuse of the synthetic estrogen. 

There is no homeopathic birth control.  What a remedy can do is remind your body how to function in its natural rhythm so that the signs of fertility are obvious and it is easier to use a natural birth control method.  If you have used the birth control pill – especially if over a long period of time, homeopathic folliculinum can be beneficial for you to regain that rhythm and unwind the overdose of estrogen you have been receiving.  You do need to consult with a homeopath to find out which potency of folliculinum is best for you and when and how you should take it.


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