Panic Attacks during Labour

Image by kh1234567890 via Flickr

So guess what?  There is a homeopathic remedy you can take if you are having a panic attack in labour.  It is called Aconite 1M.  Two pellets  will chill you out and allow you to take a breath.  Aconite is for :

  • rapid labours with little break between contractions
  • fear of the pain – this can be from the onset of labour all the way through transition
  • transition – BEST time to use Aconite
  • for fathers, grandparents or any other freaked out people at the birth
  • babies that have a frightening birth
  • mothers that are shaken after the birth experience

Aconite will ground you and allow you to just be in each contraction as it comes – you can repeat the dose of two pellets as often as you need it  – the beauty of homeopathy means – NO SIDE EFFECTS and NO DANGER  to mothers or babies. 

Feeling safe and breathing will allow both you and your baby to be present and have a more peaceful birth experience. 

For the full description on using Aconite in labour please visit my website at and my e-book – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy – available on the site.


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