Pulsatilla for Induction of Labour

Pulsatilla flower
Image by rosehillgardens_WI via Flickr

Pulsatilla 200C is an amazing remedy to use for a labour that stops and starts.  The contractions are irregular – they move from 2 min. to 10 min. to 25 min. to 3 min. etc.  They are felt all over the body – abdomen, low back, down into the bum and the legs.  The nature of the remedy is evident in the labour pattern – it is constantly changing.

Pulsatilla is made of the wind flower and it is one of the most common remedies used during pregnancy.  The mental/emotional state of Pulsatilla is one of indecision.  They have a hard time committing to the work of labour.  They need an immense amount of support in order to give birth successfully – care providers are called early in labour along with  mothers, friends, doulas etc.

  • Once their support is in place they have to be actively encouraged every step of the way – they would prefer to get into bed, pull the covers over their head and forget anything is happening.
  • They are weepy in labour, wanting lots of touch and loving reassurance that they are doing well.   Like all plant remedies they are sensitive to their environment – facial expressions, temperature, equipment, sounds etc.
  • Pulsatilla women are often concerned about their babies during the birth process – they are connected to their children and want them to have a gentle and loving experience.
  • Breech presentation – Pulsatilla women generally have Pulsatilla babies – these are babies that change position often in utero and often end up breech.
  • For instructions on shifting a breech baby please visit my website – http://www.pipermartin.com

  • Two pellets of Pulsatilla 200C will either stop the symptoms of false labour so that the mother may rest OR it will fire up labour, creating rhythmical, regular contractions that are productive and allow the birth process to move forward.

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