Homeopathic Remedies for Labour/Contractions

IN Active Labour -

I am often asked if there are remedies for pain during labour.  That makes me laugh.  Having a baby is about expansion on every level.  The amount of resistance we offer mirrors the level of pain we experience. 

One of the ways to STOP resisting is to use homeopathy for your birth

There are specific remedies for all the many ways we try to stop, block and inhibit labour.  Who wants to be leaking from every orifice, grunting from some deep primal place, being observed by others who seems quite delighted to be  watching your birth? 

If somehow you could remember that it is all temporary and just ALLOW it to happen, just for a short while you could give birth with ease.  Remedies keep you grounded, present and moving forward. 

Looking for those quick fixes?  take a moment to go inward, discover what your real block is about and then find a remedy to match that block.  The remedy will lift the intensity of the resistance and allow you to go into labour, move through dilation, push a baby out or recover from your birth experience.  Try it, it  works.  To find specific remedy information please visit my website and discover my e-book full of induction and labour information.  www.pipermartin.comThe Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy.


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