Homeopathy for Eczema in Babies


Calendula officinalis 'Orange Porcupine'
Image by dnnya17 via Flickr


The homeopathic approach to treating newborns and children with eczema is first consider why a child may need to discharge through their skin.

  • infant formula
  • toxin in the environment – cleaning products, strong perfumes, food allergy
  • disposable diapers/perfumed wipes
  • vaccination reaction
  • drug reaction – from birth experience

The skin is the safest place our bodies have to clear experiences, environmental elements or inherited information.  In my clinical experience it is very normal to see babies with skin rashes ranging from eczema to diaper rashes, baby acne and cradle cap –  which is simply the body making an attempt to remain healthy and vital.  If we can allow this process to happen fully then the child will recover and be balanced.  If we interfere with things such as cortisone ointments and suppressive creams (zinc or petroleum-based) we essential re-route the path the body was trying to take to create health.

Suggestion:  Use homeopathic Calendula ointment for diaper rash – only as needed – air time and breast milk are both extremely effective for most diaper rashes.

One of the main reasons we treat skin rashes in our society is because of how it looks – we don’t consider that our bodies may very well have a good reason to create a rash.  If we can live with our discomfort then our children will be healthier in a substantial way.

When the rash is suppressed it creates a deeper disturbance within the body.  It is for this reason that we see so many children with both eczema and asthma.  When the eczema appears and cortisone is applied the rash disappears and the issues with the lungs begin.  When this is treated homeopathically the asthma will clear, the eczema will reappear and then clear – this is the body unwinding suppression.

I will consider the skin ailments in the whole picture of a child but rarely will I prescribe to take those aspects away – if the rash is creating a level of discomfort or infection there is usually an underlying cause such as vaccination that needs to be addressed.  Once this occurs the intensity of the eczema lifts.

To learn more about the homeopathic treatment of children please visit my website – http://www.pipermartin.com


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