Holy MAMMA! Prenatal Classes to Challenge and Inspire.

Holy Mamma!

This is my new prenatal series.

Starts November 3rd – 7-9 pm for six Wednesday evenings.

These classes will assist you in preparing your head and heart for the journey into motherhood through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 

We will use art, yoga, guest speakers and conversation to find our way to an approach that sustains and supports you as you transform. 

Session One and Two – Pregnancy

  • art exercises
  • yoga led by Brie Reid from Zenbones
  • discussion on how you can nourish and support yourself both physically and emotionally to prepare for a positive birth and postpartum.
  • support via homeopathy, chiropractic, midwifery care and much more.

Session Three and Four – Birth

  • art and yoga – exercises specific for birth or clearing previous birth experiences
  • guest speakers including midwives, doulas and women that have had positive birth experiences.
  • homeopathic remedies for labour

Session Five and Six – Postpartum

  • art and yoga
  • processing your birth experience
  • breastfeeding – how to wrap your head around it
  • homeopathic postpartum kits

Series is $299 per mamma.  All materials included.

Please visit my website – www.pipermartin.com to register.


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