The Night before Back to SCHOOL…

A child sleeping.
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The night before school begins can be a tough night.  If anyone in your home is experiencing trouble sleeping consider the following remedies: 

Coffea 200C – this is the remedy that feels as if you have had too much coffee.  It is a giant feeling of excitement and as if you can’t shut your head off.  Thoughts and ideas just keep bubbling up – this is a pretty joyful anticipatory state. 

Phosphorus 1M – Phosphorus is famous for being excited and anticipating to the point that parents do not want to tell their Phos children when something fun is approaching.  They are unable to contain their joy about seeing their friends – they are very socially driven and the thought of being amongst all of those PEOPLE makes them so happy they can’t sleep! 

Aconite 1M – Aconite is for people who are fearful and anxious about school to the point of experiencing panic.  The anxiety usually comes on the day before school and is then quite intense.  They can feel dizzy, sweaty, restless, have heart palpitations, nausea and wake from nightmares the night before school.  

Gelsenium 200C – is for fear as well but it has the opposite reaction to Aconite.  Gelsenium people feel heavy, tired and the dread makes them feel unable to cope or get out of bed.  They don’t want to face the day and can often feel like they are getting sick. 


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