Induction – What are the remedies to Induce Labour???

Pregnant Belly Henna
Image by henna lion via Flickr


Yes, it is possible to induce labour safely using homeopathic medicine.   To use them successfully you must find a remedy that suits your physical, mental and emotional state.  Each remedy has a description which is called a remedy picture.  When you match the remedy picture to your own “picture” it means that you are considering any aspects of your being that are out of proportion – on a mental, emotional or physical level.  

Once you can identify those aspects that are most dynamic in you it is time to figure out a remedy.  Reading remedy descriptions can be challenging as it is hard to be objective about your self, it is best if you are able to see a homeopath to consult with them.  If that is not a possibility for you I have created an on-line e-book which outlines several remedy pictures that are commonly seen in pregnant women.  The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy contains not only information on induction but also suggests remedies for morning sickness, iron deficiency, remedies for labour and the postpartum period.  This e-book is available on my website – for $20.00. 


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