Tylenol and Vaccination

Mother and Newborn Baby Boy
Image by Jon Ovington via Flickr


The vaccine rituals that exist in our society are very well inforced and I like to stir things up once in a while and suggest that we don’t automatically follow the protocols without first considering the whole picture.  

One of the recommendations around vaccination is to medicate your child – beginning at 8 weeks of age – with Tylenol before and after vaccination. I would suggest that you choose not to medicate your baby if you are planning to vaccinate so that you have a clear picture of what he/she is experiencing.  If they are having a reaction to the vaccine and you would like to use the support of  homeopathy it is very useful to be able to see the symptoms clearly.  It makes it much easier to prescribe the correct remedy if the symptoms are dynamic v.s suppressed through the use of a powerful drug such as Tylenol.   

I feel that Tylenol is used in a very casual manner for extremely young babies and it is time to start questioning the programmed way in which we give over the counter medication to our children. 


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