What if you refused to be induced???

What if you decided to trust yourself and your body?

What if we challenged medicine to find better ways because we were no longer willing to accept the low level of love and nurturing available to us and our babies?

Birth without separation

What if women used their collective power to shift the way our medical system considers what is normal in pregnancy and what is abnormal? 

what if women challenged themselves to trust their own hearts and trust in the wisdom of their children? 

do you believe that you can conceive and create an amazing baby that does not know how to be born ?

the number one search on this blog is always about induction – usually women quite desperate to find ways to justify refusing to be induced, trying to find a way to go into labour on their own.  Homeopathy does work beautifully for induction but not because it changes something on a physical level – it shifts fear that blocks labour. 

What if we remembered that we have a choice all along?


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