Postpartum Sleep Disorders

Sleep can become a huge issue after having a baby –

Sleep like a Baby
  • anxiety about not getting any sleep
  • unable to get to sleep
  • unable to return to sleep after being woken
  • unable to nap because there is too much to do!

Help is on the way – homeopathic remedies are fabulous for addressing these issues.  In the immediate postpartum one of the reasons women may not be able to sleep is in homeopathic terms – ailments from excitement.  Birth is a pretty intense, life altering event and it is reasonable to expect that it might take a few days and nights to process what just happened!  The remedy for this state is Coffea 200C . The sensation of this remedy is as if you have had too much coffee and you are literally vibrating with joy, excitement and an almost strung out kind of feeling.  You can take homeopathic remedies safely after birth, while you are breastfeeding, while you are taking other medications.  The remedy will help you facilitate the integration of the experience on a physical level so you are able to rest.

For more detailed information on homeopathy and the postpartum please refer to my website – and my on-line e-book –

The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy.


2 thoughts on “Postpartum Sleep Disorders

  1. Hello! I struggle with postpartum insomnia. It started 6 months into my pregnancy, and my daughter is now one. Coffea fits me, but I’ve also read that if you drink coffee this weakens the remedy. Should I take Gelsemium in its place?


    1. Good morning, one of the ways I know someone needs a constitutional remedy is that their sleep is disordered. I have not noticed that drinking coffee has any effect on the effectiveness of the remedy so if that description is a good fit I would suggest you try it. If you want to talk about a constitutional remedy please feel free to contact me – my direct email is


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