International Birth Stories – SWEET!

Hola Piper!
I am sooooo happy and had to share….
This past weekend, using your vibrant pregnancy guide, I was able to successfully induce two women (one Panamanian and one American expat) at 40 + 41weeks. They were both homebirths and both were threatened with hospital inductions (in Panama, the doctors AUTOMATICALLY induce at 40 or 41 weeks or if the 1st stage of labor takes longer than 6 hours! it’s outrageous!!).

For the Panamanian woman ,  this was her second birth. she was having false labor and under alot of stress + anxiety from her entire family (including her hubby) over the homebirth (sadly it is a really, really frowned upon and conflict-inducing thing to have a homebirth here – we have a real uphill battle on that front too). I gave her aconite and some bach flower remedy. Within 20 minutes, she began to have good uterine contractions. She went into the shower and began to have uncontrollable shakes (as with her first birth), so i gave her caullophyllum. her shakes stopped and within 30 minutes, her water broke + she transitioned at the same time. She was then given Arnica and had an EFFORTLESS birth within 20min to a beautiful baby girl!!

For the American woman, it was her first birth. she had zero contractions. I wanted to talk to her a bit so I could pick the ‘right’ induction remedy for her, but she was a bit shy. So I gave her caulophyllum and a few hours later, she began to have false contractions. by shortly after her third dose, there was an ‘overlay’ every once in a while of a stronger uterine contraction. We waited about 12 hours to see what would happen, but the contractions didnt progress and were still inconsistent. she was a little skeptical about homeopathy, so she asked for castor oil + palmarosa for external use which had little effect. Finally, she was under so much pressure to have tha baby before here mom went home to the states that she opened up to me asking her some questions so i could assess her induction remedy more closely. I assessed she was a pulsatilla type. She called me after she took it (as she was 45 min away in gamboa), saying she didnt realize how stressed she was and that this remedy seemed to have brought her some ‘peace’ and ‘clarity’ to work thru her fears. Not long afterwards, she began having the ‘real’ contractions and had a baby girl at 4am! Her doctor could not believe how fast the baby came!!! In total I believe it was 4 hours, so she only took the arnica i gave her for throughout once. She said she felt it came a bit ‘fast’ for her to handle, but overall she was very happy.

I was so happy to be a part of assisting these ladies on their journey into motherhood and ensure the natural birth experience they wanted!! Cant wait till more learn more!!!

Thank you so much for making this possible. I hope one day soon Panama wakes up and smells the homeopathic coffee. I can think of no where that needs it more.



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