Homeopathic Remedies for Fear of Miscarriage

One of the worst things about experiencing a miscarriage is that it seems to deplete your joy a little the next time you are pregnant.  The joy aspect is overshadowed by a fear of losing another baby.  For some women this is manageable after they hear the heartbeat at around 10 weeks, for others it continues throughout the pregnancy. 

Why is it important to address this? For the sake of the baby. 

The baby is aware

Far before they are born babies begin to affect our lives, demand that we begin the process of being their mother.  To do this well we need to address our own fears and insecurities.    There are many remedies to support women that feel fearful during pregnancy.  Depending on how the fear plays out there is a remedy to match each expression.  For example fear that results in panic attacks, nightmares and a woman who is easily set off into a fit of anxiety would do well to use Aconite.  Women that need constant reassurance – i.e : many ultrasounds, frequent appointments with their health care provider etc. could use the support of Pulsatilla or Arsenicum.  To learn more please visit www.pipermartin.com


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