Bleeding in Early Pregnancy

One of the top remedies to take for bleeding in early pregnancy is Phosphorus.  Phosphorus people are often bleeders across the board, they experience :

  • nose bleeds
  • heavy menses
  • hemorrhage after birth
  • bleeding gums
  • broken blood vessels

They can often bleed throughout their pregnancies and it does not mean they are having a miscarriage.  Bleeding is their way of discharging  – our bodies are set up as flow systems, everyone has their own unique way of discharging -i.e:  sweat, skin rashes, yeast, mucus, moles, bowel movements etc.  For Phosphorus and also Lachesis people bleeding is the way in which their body eliminates. 

If you choose to use homeopathy when you feel you may be having a miscarriage you can rest assured that you are safe.  The baby will live and thrive with the assistance of a remedy only if that is possible, it will not stop a miscarriage if it is in the best interest of  you or the baby.  If you have had a miscarriage and would like the baby to pass naturally v.s going through the experience of a D & C there are remedies that can assist that process in occurring smoothly.  Please visit my website for more information and to access my on-line e-book at


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