Newborns and Stimulation

I am making a suggestion that new mothers and new babies belong at home. 

Newborns should not be spotted at Starbucks, Loblaws, Walmart or anywhere with lots of people, noise, light and stimulation.  Babies have different reactions to this level of engagement but I really believe they do not possess the filters to process  this information.  They are wide open and experience things fully and deeply – they cannot sort and choose what to allow in and what to put aside.  Some babies like Nux vomica babies react by having a colic attack.  Things we would never experience as overstimulation can create symptoms such as:

  • crying, shrieking, wailing
  • vomiting, projectile vomiting
  • colic attacks, gas pain
  • refusal to eat, nurse or soothe
  • tightly clenched eyes, fists and jaw
  • constipation
  • out of proportion sleeping

Babies can react to things we consider every day events such as:

  • watching TV
  • listening to the radio or heavy music
  • riding in the car
  • being at a party, meeting or office
  • going to the mall or grocery store
  • being around a lot of other people
  • exposure to florescent lighting
  • swings
  • toys in their faces
  • cold or heat
  • being held by people other then their parents

 If you must go out to such a place with your babe then be kind and put them in a sling – cocoon them from as much noise, light and general interaction as you possibly can.  Try not to carry them in their car seat or stroller until they are at least six months of age.  Put a hat on their heads in all weather and swaddle them.

 There are remedies to assist babies who are reacting at a very high level of stimulation but truly time will create more flexibility.  Just keep it soft, quite and mellow for the first six months and you will have a calm, grounded child.


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