The Ugly Truth behind your Truth?

Isaac punching the camera

 Here is my Ugly Truth:  Sometimes the sheer physical aggressive violence in my house of two boys, a man-child and a man almost does me in.  This morning I really wondered if I am going to survive this???? Here is a good example, as I am taking some pictures of the kids – one of them tries punching the camera – why – seems like a good idea???? 

Found a new website/magazine/blog that blew my mind this week –  

RAW motherhood – hilarious and true – not for the weak of heart.  Its all out there, spoken out loud, the things women say, feel and live but NEVER speak.  Mostly being held back by our fear of judgement by other WOMEN!  How about if we call a truce with our own sex?????  

Here is an excerpt: 

TRUTH: Having children killed my career. UGLY TRUTH: I resent this. I know I can’t do everything well, but the supreme difficulty (read: near-impossibility) of professional resuscitation threatens to crush me. It also surprised me. Go figure. How clueless can I get? What is the UGLY behind your TRUTHS? 

Let’s hear it…..


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