Folliculinum and Fertility

Folliculinum is homeopathic estrogen.  Homeopaths use this remedy in a variety of ways.  It can be a consitutional remedy – a state a woman has become as a result of estrogen poisoning.  This can happen through a variety of ways – using birth control pills being one of the most common.  Folliculinum can be used to assist women in regaining their fertility after a long period of using the birth control pills.  This is more of an acute type of treatment.

If going off birth control is one of your goals and you are not sure how to manage your cycle to either get pregnant or avoid pregnancy I would suggest taking a look at a book called Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler.  She has developed a practical guide to really understanding how your body cycles – your individual body because not everyone has 28 day cycle – and how to read the signs and symptoms it communicates to you.  Through this understanding you will be able to work with your body rather than using a drug to dominate and control your body.

The birth control pill does effect your fertility.  It does create imbalances that have long-term effects.  Even if you do not actively have symptoms from taking the pill it is effecting you both mentally/emotionally and physically.  I am also beginning to see that the birth control pill can have a strong physical effect on the reproductive health of female children.

Choose to connect with your body, learn how your fertile self operates and work with your fertility – it is a gift.


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