Breech Babies – Does their birth make a difference?

Just wondering if a breech baby is free to have a vaginal  birth does it complete the process for them ?  If this is the way in which they chose to enter the world and they are thwarted only for reasons of a discomfort by the medical profession what impact does that have on them as people? 

I know that as a general rule people do not think that birth has an impact on a baby.  That is amazing to me.  As a Homeopath I see huge connections between the birth the baby experienced and the way in which they engage in the world.  Common practices such as separation of mother and babies have enormous impact – on sleep, on confidence in the world, on their ability to trust both their own bodies and their care providers. 

  When natural instincts and desires are displaced how does this effect our intuition and self guidance as humans throughout our lives?   

I think the general disconnect from the natural world creates more imbalances then we can imagine.  Maybe that is the simple cure, work in your garden, walk in the forest, swim in a lake, sit by a fire – maybe we can learn by osmosis from these elements and remember our instinctive knowing that we were born with.


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