Remedies for Retained Placenta

Retained Placenta –

**First try breastfeeding your baby to stimulate contractions – this is usually a successful move.  If you need further prompting then a homepathic remedy can be useful.  Some suggestions:


Creates an expulsive action – this can also be used for miscarriage when there are no contractions, bleeding or move to expel the baby.


usually in a woman that has had several pregnancies, may have been a labour that ends with a high level of exhuastion – mentally feeling done – so when it is time to deliver the placenta they literally have very little will left.


Belladonna  has sensations of heat – there may be gushes of blood, red, flushed face, and any sensation of jolting or jarring will upset her greatly.  The labour of a Belladonna woman is usually quite intense so it may be that she needs to pause and re-group before pushing out the placenta.


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