VBAC women and Homeopthic Induction

If you are a woman who is working towards creating an HBAC or a VBAC birth then consider using homeopathy for two reasons. 

 One it is a great tool to help you understand your previous cesarean birth experience.  It will offer you perspective and perhaps some understanding of why you had that experience just by going through the case taking process.  The homeopathic remedy will further assist you by taking down the intensity of the charge of your birth experience.  

The second reason is that it is difficult for VBAC clients to negotiate going over their due dates.  Medical induction is not an option any longer with VBAC women so homeopathy has a big role to play.  It becomes a very loaded situation for a woman who has not yet experienced a vaginal birth to both pull off giving birth and doing it on time! 

Homeopathy can ease this process by supporting your body in initiating labour in a safe manner.  Since homeopathy cannot override your body it cannot create harm.  Usually the issue with women going overdue is fear and the remedy eases the intensity of the fear so that you and the babe can do what needs to be done.  That is the simplicity of homeopathy.  For more information on induction please visit my website and my e-book at www.pipermartin.com


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