Prenatal Supplement and Support Recommendations

Here is my magic list of supplements and supports I suggest for a woman during pregnancy.  They are both to support her and the baby during pregnancy but also to assist in having a straight forward birth experience:

  • Homeopathic Tissue Salts – these are low dose form of homeopathic remedies made from the naturally occurring minerals in our bodies.  There are 12 tissue salts and the three I suggest during pregnancy are:

1.  Ferrum phosphorus tissue salts – homeopathic iron

2.  Calcium  phosphorus  tissue salts – a calcium and phosphorus supplement.

3.  calcium fluoride  tissue salts – calcium and fluoride to support the enamel of the teeth and bones.  Calcium fluoride also works to dissolve any scar tissue on the cervix. 

  • Efanatal – this is a high quality essential fatty acid that is important for neonatal brain development and is said to support a faster labour experience.
  • B12 plus folic acid chewable by Genestra
  • HMF forte acidophilus by Genestra

Supportive Measures – to feel good and allow your body to have a positive birth experience:

  • Midwives – get a midwife – they provide exceptional care, they are covered under health insurance – in Canada – and are there for you and your baby until six weeks postpartum.
  • Homeopathic Constitutional Care – clear out all old baggage and prepare a clear passage for your baby.
  • Chiropractic care – address fear, old patterns of thought, previous birth experiences and any physical imbalances with the aid of chiropractic care – the scope of chiropractic goes far beyond eliminating pain in your back – your chiropractor can become one of your main health care providers for you and your baby.

Stay tuned for more suggestions about creating your optimal birth experience.


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