Homeopathic Treatment of Jaundice in Newborns

Jaundice is a fairly common occurence in newborn babes.  One simple approach is to treat your baby to a sun bath.  This baby was born in December but was still able to access sun and thrive in the comfort of his mama’s bed.  Another approach is to use homeopathic remedies.  These remedies will support the liver and assist your baby in clearing the symptoms of jaundice as quickly as possible.  This is especially desirable if it is a reason you and your little one are being kept in the hospital.  Find a homeopathic practitioner that specializes in the treatment of newborns.  He/she will find a remedy that not only fits the physical symptoms of the jaundice but also take into account the birth experience of the baby and any mental/emotional symptoms that are occurring.


2 thoughts on “Homeopathic Treatment of Jaundice in Newborns

  1. malina22

    Hi, I was wandering if it is ok to give Cheladonium 3x to a newborn baby if she develops neonatal jaundice? Can it be used after birth as a preventative from jaundice? I also read somewhere you can give Aconitum, to help clear jaundice but the potency wasn’t stated.
    The reason I am asking this is because jaundice was the reason I was kept in hospital for a week when I had my first child and would realy like to avoid it the second time.
    If you could help me with these questions I would be most grateful. Thank you!


    1. Hello,
      If a baby develops jaundice then you need to find the specific remedy for that baby. Cheladonium is a liver remedy but there are others that are better for newborns. Check out Sandra Perko’s book – Homeopathy for the Modern Pregnant Woman and her Infant. She has excellent advice for newborn care and the jaundice remedies are laid out there. There is nothing you can take to prevent this – it is really about the baby, the birth experience and how well breastfeeding goes in those first few hours and days. Hope that is helpful –

      Piper Martin B.Ed., DS Hom.Med


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