Herpes in Pregnancy

An outbreak of the herpes virus is one of the ways that the body expresses stress.  It is a difficult expression for most people to manage because it is visible and it means a certain period of time in which they must endure it.  During pregnancy it becomes more difficult as it can be a factor in a vaginal v.s a cesarean birth.  If a woman has an outbreak at the time she goes into labour the care providers will usually support a cesarean birth.  There are homeopathic remedies that can assist a woman in avoiding these outbreaks during pregnancy and help her body find other means of discharging. 

Natrum Mur tissue salts

One of the best ongoing supportive measures for herpes is nat mur tissue salts.  These tissue salts are made of salt and they are used for any herpetic outbreak on the body.  One of the biggest triggers for nat mur is sun exposure and so this particular remedy is useful for anyone that reacts when they have had an excess of sun.  I would recommend two pellets once a day during pregnancy and up to three times a day during an outbreak.  It will assist your body in moving through the outbreak as quickly as possible. 

There are several remedies for  herpes – if nat mur does not seem to fit for you please find a homeopathic doctor that can assist you in finding the right remedy for your body.


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