Homeopathy and Birth Control

There are homeopathic remedies to help women have regular, rhythmical cycles that are hormonally balanced.  Homeopathic prescribing helps your body establish a cycle that is regular, that lasts a predictable amount of time and is pain-free.  YES, it is possible to have a period without pain. 

Hormonal imbalances may also show up as skin outbreaks, low sex drive, poor lubrication during sex, chronic yeast infections, pain during ovulation, fertility issues, headaches and bowel changes around menses.  Homeopathic prescribing can assist your body in shifting into hormonal balance which will have a cascade effect on your body.  Regaining this balance will allow all these other pieces to fall into place effortlessly. 

Lastly homeopathy is an excellent choice to make the transition from long-term birth control pill use.  It will help you to regain the rhythm of your own cycle and re-establish your fertility patterns, cervical mucus and sex drive.  Homeopathic folliculinum is one of the remedies especially useful in this regard and I encourage you to seek more information on this remedy found within this site.


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