Homeopathy and the Swine Flu

Looking for a remedy for the Swine flu?  The very best way to use homeopathy and protect yourself is to find out your constitutional remedy.  This is the remedy that is specific to you and your body.  To find your constitutional remedy you need to go to a homeopath.  They will take your case, understand how your body reacts when it is ill and find a remedy that will support you physically and mentally/emotionally. 

If you want to use homeopathy seek a homeopath.  A naturopath is not a homeopath, they have a limited knowledge of homeopathic remedies and are trained to use a variety of treatment modalities. 

 If you are stressed about the swine flu and feeling anxious try a dose of homeopathic Aconite 1M.  It is the remedy for anxiety, panic attacks and the fearful thinking that is circulating in the world right now. Take two pellets of the remedy and you will feel more grounded and able to breathe. 

 Take this opportunity to shift the way you care for your body and make some healthier choices in your diet, physical exercise, sleep and water intake.  It will make a difference.


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