H1N1 Vaccination and Homeopathic Options

Really consider the way in which H1N1 has been promoted through the build up of immense fear over this past six months.  It is a brilliant marketing campaign to create fear so that you can feel relief when the vaccine appears and “saves” us.  

  What are the actual symptoms of this illness – they truly do not appear to be anything more than a cold – who exactly are the people who are dying and what was their level of health before they got H1N1?  These are questions you need to ask before you fill yourself with an untested vaccination – why are you really getting it?

Homeopathy can provide real support, to boost your immunity and provide you with the strength you need to meet anything that comes your way.  Pair this with chiropractic adjustments, excellent nutrition, rest and you will be in a good state to flow through this winter.  Find yourself health care practitioners that will provide you with support v.s drugs, practitioners that actually consider you and your body as an individual instead of one of the masses.  Work with people who know you and your family and are willing to take time and energy to meet your needs. 

Once you begin visibly taking steps that demonstrates you love your own body you will see and feel the change.  It is no longer necessary to react to every bit of fear mongering that goes on in the media – from programing us to believe we will get breast cancer to promoting the belief that everyone will die of the swine flu – do not indulge yourself in fear, it does not serve you .


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