Homeopathy and VBAC women

Homeopathic Medicine is an excellent guide to assist women attempting to create a different birth experience for themselves.  The process of a homeopathic consult will help you to connect with why you may have a cesarean for your previous birth.  Understanding the why goes a long way in assisting you in creating something different. 

I had a cesarean birth the first time I had a baby – it took me seven years to really figure out why I had that birth experience and to completely process it before I was ready to have another babe.  When I did get pregnant again I really felt the intensity of what VBAC women experience in the lead up to birth.  Will she pull it off or not?  Is her body capable or not?  I used homeopathy to keep myself present and focused and I did have the sweet, sweet experience of a home birth. 

 There are specific remedies to help clear fear, memories that are triggering or limiting or support physical recovery to its fullest.  For more information on support during a VBAC labour please visit my website www.pipermartin.com  or refer to my e-book – A Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy. 


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