Homeopathy and PMS

In practice I view complaints about  PMS as a socially acceptable opportunity for women to get angry.  It is about the only time it is o.k. for women to get irritable and express themselves in what is viewed as a negative fashion.  Many women save it all up for that time of the month.  What would happen if you were regularly “allowed” to speak your mind, say what you need and what you want on a daily basis? 

Give yourself some permission TODAY and practice it regularly – see if that shifts your PMS.  There are remedies such as Folliculinum that support hormonal balancing after interference from the birth control pill and other estrogen based drugs but the mental/emotional aspects of PMS usually have quite a bit to do with suppression.  Not suprising considering the birth control pill and other forms of birth control are all about suppression.  It makes sense that if you suppress yourself physically it will also show up on a mental/emotional level.  Consider what you are not saying or doing in your life that you would like to say or do and then go ahead and do it anyway.


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