Folliculinum (Homeopathic Estrogen) and Excessive Bleeding

Homeopathic estrogen is called Folliculinum.  This gem of a remedy can correct imbalances created by an estrogen poisoning in our bodies.  Estrogen poisoning most commonly occurs through the use of a the wide variety of birth control pills, drugs and injections we use to control our menstrual cycle. 

Through this poisoning many shifts occur – we lose sight of our own rhythm, we lose a sense of who we are and what we want and our bodies reflect this. 

  • excessive bleeding
  • no menses
  • frequent menses
  • no ovulation
  • fertility issues
  • miscarriages
  • difficulties in labour
  • difficulties with breastfeeding

Folliculinum is a gentle way to guide yourself back to your original rhythm, wisdom and knowing.  Collect yourself, find out what is prompting your body to speak to you in this manner and address it.  Treat your body with tenderness and listen to its distress – don’t attempt to control and suppress your own rhythms, they are an important, delicate balance which needs to be protected and supported.  In the long run that dedication will provide you with smooth transitions from adolescence to motherhood to menopause.


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