Why Children Do NOT need a flu shot…..

Children are the most vital, healthy beings on this planet.  They are capable of expression on every level.  When they feel ill they act ill – they get mucus flowing, fevers, cry, eat, drink, poop and vomit – they let it all out. 

As adults we override our feelings – emotionally and physically and wait until a “convenient” time to get sick – usually while on vacation.  Children don’t play games like that with their health.  They move through illness quickly and with wisdom if they are supported properly. 

Support does not mean giving a child a flu shot.  Support can mean any of the following or a combination of any:

  • consitutional homeopathic remedy
  • ferrum phos tissue salts
  • extra breastfeeding
  • vitamin c – increased fruits and veggies – juicing
  • break from dairy and wheat
  • lots of water
  • rest – quiet time, company of parents
  • sleep
  • a reduced schedule and pace of life
  • low stimulation
  • greater warmth – wearing layers of clothing
  • excellent nutrition and food that is nourishing
  • chiropractic care and massage

Challenge yourself to think outside the box and support your child in a way that has NO side effects.  There are no risks with these approaches – unlike the flu shot which is full or risk and of very little use or benefit.


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