Homeopathic Remedies for Constipation in Newborns


To receive more specific advice on dosage and homeopathic remedies for children please refer to my website – www.pipermartin.com and The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy available on that site.

Heathly moms and babes
Heathly moms and babes

Homeopathy is a beautiful therapy to use for newborns and children of all ages.  The remedies prompt the child’s body to move into action and remove any blocks to normal function.  It is normal for each child to have their own pattern of bowel movements and if the child is breastfed this is not usually an issue.   Some babies have bowel movements five times a day and another child may have only one or one every other day. 

Read your baby.  If they are not in distress – i.e:  squirming, crying, writhing, kicking – generally appearing as if they are in pain then they are probably just fine.  If they seem distressed you can consider the following remedies:

Silicea  6X tissue salts – 2 pellets twice a day.  Silicea tissue salts assist a baby that is straining to have a bowel movement and the result is a skid mark in the diaper.  Silicea is usually appropriate when the child is receiving something other then breastmilk, it  may begin when the child begins solids – an indicator that their body may not be ready to digest solids at that time. 

Aconite and Opium 200C

Aconite and Opium are both remedies that are used to treat fear.  This fear creates a state of paralysis – Aconite more strongly in the urinary tract system, Opium in the bowels.  These remedies are indicated if there has been birth trauma for either the baby or mother.  The emotional state is that one or  the other was in danger of death.  This may not be the truth of the situation but the perception of either the mother or the people attending the birth.  The reaction is to literally be frozen by fear and this can have an effect on the urinary output and the bowels.  The constipation of a baby needing Opium looks like dark, round balls of stool which come very infrequently.

I strongly advise parents to seek the care of a pediatric chiropractor as gentle adjustments are also a fantastic tool to assist children with constipation.  Check out www.icpa4kids.org website to find a chiropractor to support your family.


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