Homeopathy and the Swine flu – What to do?

Support your Healthy, Vibrant Children
Support your Healthy, Vibrant Children

Homeopathic medicine has been treating the flu for hundreds of years.  There are many remedies that address the symptoms of the flu.  When you take a remedy to treat the flu it means that it will support your body in moving through the symptoms you are experiencing as quickly as possible. 

The best possible way to use homeopathy is to go to a homeopath, find out your consitutional remedy (the remedy that is most closely matched to your specific physical, mental and emotional state) and use it if and when you feel you are getting ill.  Once you know your constitutional remedy your homeopath will also know which remedies will work well acutely for you should you experience an illness.  In other words you have set yourself up with a strong support system to fall back on. 

This system of medicine is safe for pregnant women and children of all ages – including newborns.  This is a much more reasonable option then injecting women and children with the flu shot or the impending swine flu vaccine. 

Remember that just because you are exposed to a disease does NOT mean you will get it.  Have faith in your body and support it.  Make informed choices that feel right in your heart.


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