Homeopathy and Diaper Rash

Homeopathy support Healthy Moms and Babes
Homeopathy support Healthy Moms and Babes

For specific information on dosage and remedies for mothers and babes visit my website at: www.pipermartin.com 

The most useful homeopathic support for diaper rash is Calendula ointment.  It is an ointment made of calendula flowers – from the marigold family – this ointment supports the healing of the skin and can be applied directly on open sores.  If you baby has a tendency to get diaper rash consider:

Yeast – this usually presents as little red raised bumps

food allergies – around the mouth and on the bum are two places food reactions make themselves known. 

a need for more air time – let your babe have lots of time out of the diaper, lay down an old towel and let them have some time and air on their bum, especially with a diaper rash.

vaccination reactions– if an intense rash occurs around vaccination consider this an adverse reaction and REPORT it.

breast milk – spray breast milk on rashes to promote healing and avoid creams such as petroleum or zinc based products.


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