Dehydration, Breastfeeding and Homeopathy

Moms and babes at a Fall Red Tent morning
Moms and babes at a Fall Red Tent morning

For specific information on dosage, frequency and homeopathic remedies for moms and babes please visit my website

and access my e-book –
 A Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy.

Homeopathy is a wonderful tool to support mothers that would like to breastfeed short or long term. 

 In the short term there are remedies to increase milk supply, clear blocked ducts and mastitis or resolve a mental/emotional reaction to nursing. 

In the long term homeopathy can assist a woman in maintaining good energy, balance and hydration levels.  A remedy called Phosphoric Acid200C is highly recommended for women that have been breastfeeding several months  or have been breastfeeding intensely (twins or extremely hungry babes) and may be experiencing the following:

  • headaches
  • low energy (lower than the normal sleep deprivation low…)
  • feeling numb or flat emotionally
  • thirsty for carbonated beverages
  • sleeplessness

This remedy will bring back your vitality and energy and give your body a boost in recharging. 
Drink lots of water – for every cup of coffee, tea or pop you will have to replace it with a cup of water just to stay even in your hydration.  Phosphoric acid states are created by dehydration.


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