Homeopathic Remedies for Fear of Vomiting

For specific information on remedies, dosage and homeopathy during labour please access my website and e-book – A Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy www.pipermartin.com 


Many women have a fear of vomiting during labour or during pregnancy.  This is not a fear that is limited to being pregnancy,  but because the possibility is greater during pregnancy it really seems to become more intense. 

Physical Symptoms 

The remedy for this fear is Arsenicum 200C.  Arsenicum is made of Arsenic and is one of the remedies to treat food poisoning and a fear of being poisoned in general.  All of the symptoms for an Arsencium person go to their stomach and bowels.  they become very agitated, anxious, restless and alternate between wanting to vomit and wanting to have diarrhea.  Sometimes both occur simultaneously. 


Arsenicum is a remedy that really wants to be in control and pregnancy and labour are both life experiences that do not really allow that.  It is the feeling of being out of control that creates the distress around vomiting.  If you have vomited and are afraid of it happening again to the point that it is causing you anxiety then try a dose of Arsenicum 200C.  If the vomiting creates a panic attack in the moment try Aconite 1M – two pellets. 

Most importantly try and work with allowing yourself to feel out of control, even temporarily so that you may work with labour more effectively. 


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