Homeopathy and Breech Babes

Breech babies are usually born by Cesarean because there are very few birth professionals that are trained or willing to catch them.  Pulsatilla is a remedy to turn a breech babies.  The reason this remedy works is because the baby and mother both understand that it is anatomically easier to be born in a head down position.  The remedy will just remind them both of this information. 

  The mental/emotional aspect of Pulsatilla is a mother that is having a hard time making a decision.  Breech babies usually spend time in a variety of positions before committing to bum down, they are up, down and sideways as if they cannot decide how to descend.  Pulsatilla mothers are irresolute as well, unsure about who to have at the birth, where to give birth, feeling confident and sure one moment and weepy and frightened the next. 

Pulsatilla just bring everyone into commitment

Pulsatilla works to create an optimal environment to give birth naturally, when labour begins it will regulate contractions as again false labour patterns, irregular patterns and contractions that float all over the body are part of the Pulsatilla picture. 

For more specific information on this remedy, dosage and other homeopathic knowledge please visit my website (www.pipermartin.com) and access my e-book – A Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy.


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