Remedies for Rapid Letdown during Breastfeeding

Homeopathic Bryonia 200C is  a remedy that I recommend when mothers have an intense, very rapid and full letdown response.  Initially babies can feel like they are trying to drink from a fire hose and become frustrated, frightened and overwhelmed by the force of the downward action of the milk.  Usually they are choking, sputtering and generally end up crying. 

On a physical postioning level try nursing the babies one of two ways:

1.  sit up the babe on your knee and let them drink sitting up.  They will be at mouth level with your breast, swaddling the baby tightly with some support for their neck might make this a little easier to pull off. 

2.  lie down flat on your back and let the baby lie down flat on their stomach with their mouth on your nipple.  This will really work with gravity to slow down the flow. 

For more information on homeopathy and using it during the postpartum time please refer to my website and e-book available at


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