Red Tent – Postpartum Bliss

Enjoying the Red Tent Circle - Summer 2009
Enjoying the Red Tent Circle - Summer 2009

After I survived my first round of postpartum I set about creating a circle for women that could meet and honestly share their experiences.  The intention was not a mom and babe group but a place where women could talk about how they were actually feeling.  This has been amazing.  The group, which we call Red Tent has been meeting for the past nine years.  Every other Friday from 10:30-noon we gather and talk, breastfeed, share birth stories, concerns, network and ask questions.  Friendships are formed, babies grow up and new babies enter the circle.  It has been a delightful experience. 

One of the most valuable purposes this circle fulfills is the space for women to talk about their birth experiences.  I think across the board most women feel that once the baby has arrived no one is really interested in hearing how their birth went.  However I feel this is VITAL!  For the mom and the baby.  It is a big piece of your life story and usually a pretty dynamic one.  To speak it out loud and reflect and invite perspective from a group of women you respect is very powerful.  

Take the initiative to start a Red Tent Circle in your community, only good things can come from an intention such as this.


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