The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy – Review

A Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy is an e-book available on-line at  It was written exclusively by Piper Martin, a classically trained homeopath that specializes in treating pregnant women, newborns and families.  It is an accumulation of both homeopathic  and clinical information gathered by Piper over the past 12 years both in her private practice and through attending births. 

What’s in It?

  • Information on induction of labour – remedies beyond Cimicifuga and Caulophyllum, the most commonly prescribed remedies. 
  • Remedy suggestions for shifting the position of the baby from breech or posterior to anterior and vertex. 
  • Exact prescribing information on remedies for labour, including a special section for sexual abuse survivors on using homeopathy to assist you in managing trauma during birth. 
  • There is a postpartum section which is a list of five remedies that can be used for the week following the birth for a speedy recovery.  there are also remedies to guide you along in your breastfeeding  journey. 
  •  The newborn section has guidance on how to support a newborn through birth trauma and suggestions for sleep, vaccination and much more. 

This little guide book is available for $10.00 at


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