Homeopathy and Breastfeeding

Homeopathy is completely safe while you are breastfeeding.  It will assist both the mother and the baby both physically and mentally/emotionally.  There are a wide range of remedies to support milk supply, heal from mastitis and treat thrush. 

Remedies for increasing Milk Supply – To increase milk supply STAY in BED, SKIN TO SKIN with your baby.  Call on your family and friends to provide you with food and water, rest and the milk will come.  You can also try the following homeopathic remedies to encourage your body.

Pulsatilla 200C– 2 pellets once a day for three days.  Pulsatilla women are usually weepy, in need of company and physical comfort and affection.  They want to feel cherished and cared for postpartum.  If they are feeling lonely or left out then the milk supply will be effected.  This is a milk supply that seems good, then dwindles, comes back up and changes again.  There is a lot of changeability in the mood of the mother and the baby along with the shifts in the level of breast milk. 

Lac Humanum 200C

This is a remedy made of breast milk.  It is important for women that are experiencing difficulty bonding with their babies.  Women that feel uncomfortable with breast feeding and are unsure about their own instincts in this regard.  For example the woman may feel worried about not being able to measure the amount of milk a baby is consuming in a feeding.  She may need a lot of reassurance about her confidence in being able to fully  nourish her child.

Healing from Mastitis

When using homeopathy to treat mastitis it is vitally important to act as soon as the symptoms appear.  You will have a much greater opportunity to heal quickly if you have the remedies on hand and take them when you first notice the following:

  • pain, tenderness, shooting pain
  • red streaks, red, local spot
  • feeling of congestion in the breast
  • fever, headache and irritability
  • achy feeling, as if you are getting ill

Mastitis usually occurs when you are overdoing it and not drinking enough water.  Go to bed, drink water and line up the baby’s chin with the place on your breast that is painful.  This positioning will allow the baby to drain that particular duct.  The two most important remedies to have on hand are:

1.  Belladonna 1M – 2 pellets as needed – you may need to repeat this remedy a few times to completely clear the pain.  Belladonna states come on fast and get bad quickly.  The fever, heat and redness are strong features – the Belladonna time is 3:00 pm so if you notice it begins or worsens at that time it is likely a Belladonna mastitis.  You may also have a throbbing headache. Belladonna usually effects the right side of the body first and most strongly.

2.  Bryonia 200C – Bryonia has a strong connection with dehydration – usually the lips are very dry and the woman is extremely thirsty for cold water.  There is a high level of irritability, headache and a strong desire to have NO movement, they hold their breasts walking up and down the stairs and wear a bra to bed.  The pace of this remedy is slow and the progress of the pain is slow compared to the quick, violent onset of Belladonna. 

Treatment of Thrush – this appears on both the mother and baby, usually after antibiotics have been in use during the labour or postpartum.  Systemically taking acidophilus daily and giving an infant acidophilus formula to the baby is appropriate to create a healthy flora in the gut.  In terms of homeopathic remedies:

Borax 200C – this is an incredibly effective remedy for thrush in newborns.  Besides the distinctive white patches on the tongue and cheeks babies needing Borax are extremely sensitive.  They will be fast asleep and wake as soon as they are put down.  They startle at the slightest sounds and prefer to have some time on their own vs being caressed and carried all the time.  This remedy may be one to consider if the mother is experiencing postpartum depression – it is a grief remedy and the baby may also be experiencing a type of postpartum depression.  Two pellets for both the mother and baby will usually clear the mouth within 1-2 days.  For more information and support regarding homeopathy and breastfeeding please visit my website and access my on-line book – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy.


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  1. theaurumproject

    Thinking of homeopathy for the pregnancy, during the birth, the newborn and the child is not first-line thinking for most of our planet but how wonderful if it was – economical and safe that it is. Sustainable is a great word to describe homeopathy. The quote by Gandhi “Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond all doubt safer, more economical and the most complete medical science” is essential to write on every homeopathy website – What we do well is helping people towards health. We do it every day in our homeopathy practice but still nobody really knows about it. Therefore, each and every one of us probably needs to be more involved in homeopathy research, literature review, data collection, auditing and higher education. Lets document our success!


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