Homeopathic Remedies for Back Labour

Back labour is usually long, painful and difficult to manage without pain medication.  There are solutions.  Anatomically you and your baby both understand that there is an easier way to be born.  A posterior position means that the baby’s back is facing your back, an anterior position means that the baby’s back is facing outward.  An anterior position is the optimal position for birth.  Labour progresses faster because the baby’s head is applied to the cervix in a way that allows dilation to occur.  The pain is less intense and focused on the abdomen as opposed to the small of the back.  I have two main suggestions – the first is seek out a chiropractor that treats pregnant women and newborns.  They will be a valuable part of your support team, both as a pregnant woman and as a new mother.  Chiropractic can greatly influence the length of your labour.  Adjustments during pregnancy support your body’s own desire to create free passage for your baby. 

The second suggestion is to consider homeopathic remedies.  The main remedy for a posterior position is Kali carb200C.  This remedy will work during pregnancy, it is not necessary to be in labour to take the remedy.  If you know your baby is posterior and you are nearing the end of the your pregnancy go ahead and take a dose.  If it is going to work it will create a shift in position within 24 hours.  Take two pellets one time and wait 24 hours.  If you are in labour and experiencing most of the sensation in your back then you can take two pellets of Kali Carb200C at that time.   A Kali Carb situation is one in which the woman is asking for intense counter pressure on her back.   This remedy will create a shift within a few contractions. 

 There are several other remedies that are also appropriate to take for a posterior presentation – to access information on these remedies please look for my article on Posterior Presentations, Issue 58 in Midwifery Today.    You  may also refer to my website and e-book – A Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy.


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