Homeopathic Medicine for Pregnancy and Childbirth

This week I taught the first session of Homeopathic Medicine for Pregnancy and Childbirth program.  This is a course I developed about ten years ago and I have been teaching it primarily to midwives across Ontario.  I needed to add something new to the program to keep it alive and interesting and so I created an art component. 

This first session we began by sewing ourselves a womb.  In it we placed our intentions for the course in terms of a safe place to explore our creativity.  One of the reasons I decided to add in the art dimension was so that we could learn about ourselves as practitioners and understand anything we might need to clear or gain perspective on in the realm of birth.  We learned some strategies for case taking during pregnancy and birth and studied some clinical cases of remedies such as Arsenicum, Pulsatilla and Sugar. 

Our main focus for the evening was the topic of conception.  I ask each patient what would have been happening when they were conceived and each of them has an answer.  Our awareness does extend back this far – and it often carries forward into our lives.  We used pastels, charcoal and conte to draw our own conceptions and then our own births.  The results were quite amazing.  Next week we will look at folliculinum and lac humanum, two remedies I have used extensively in practice and relate it to our own human experiences as mothers and women.


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