Homeopathic Estrogen – Folliculinum

One of the ways homeopathic remedies develop is that homeopaths look at substances that are in a sense poisoning society.  Estrogen is one of those substances.  the most common way in which this is occurring is due to the effects of the birth control pill.  One of the main symptoms of this remedy is that mentally/emotionally it seems to create a state in which the woman forgets who she is, what she needs and wants and only begins to live to please everyone else.  It is interesting that as a drug the birth control pill is most commonly prescribed during the teenage years.  This would be the very time that  most young women are just forming a sense of them selves, separate from their families.  What happens when the birth control pill comes into action at this point?  Some of the common symptoms include:

  • Emotionally/psychically sucked dry
  • postpartum depression
  • self denial
  • forget who they are
  • gets lost in relationships
  • addicted to rescuing people
  • difficult bond between mother and child
  • as if controlled by another

We seem to start to remember who we are as menopause approaches and the estrogen levels start to decline.  Folliculinum can really support women as they break addictions and relationships that promote a loss of the self.  For some fabulous information on Folliculinum please visit www.melissaassilem.net– this is the homeopath that created the remedy and the symptom picture of Folliculinum.


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