Fear during Labour

Fear during labour can slow down or completely stop your labour from progressing.  Fear is the number one reason women do not go into labour when they are due.  We are like animals in labour, if we do not perceive the envionment as safe we will not give birth.  It really is that simple. 

The first question you need to ask your self is what do I need to feel safe? 

The second question is what are my fears about giving birth?

 Make a list and start finding ways to comfort yourself, create a safe environment, find supportive care providers and make a birth plan you can live with.  It is worth the time and effort it takes to nurture yourself and  your baby in this way. 

There are specific homeopathic remedies for specific fears.  When a woman comes to see me for a homeopathic induction what I am most interested in are her fears.  If she and I can figure out very specifically what her fears are then we can find a remedy to match them.  This seems to just lift the intensity of the fear enough so that she and the baby can go ahead and do what they need to do.  Some examples of remedies and their corresponding fears are:

  • fear of the pain – Aconite
  • fear of a Cesarean birth – Staphysagria
  • fear of something being wrong with the baby – Pulsatilla
  • fear of having a bowel movement during labour – Arsenicum
  • fear of dying during labour – Aconite and Arsenicum
  • fear of tearing/being cut – Staphysagria

For more specific information on remedies and homeopathic induction please access my website and e-book available on the site – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy.


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