Aconite and Opium for Trauma and Fear

There is a homeopathic remedy made from Opium.  Opium and Aconite both share the homeopathic rubric:  fear of the fright remains.  Literally it means that a fear has landed in your body and is not cleared.  The fright remains within you and is triggered into action each time you approach a similar set of circumstances. 

Aconite looks like panic attacks, anxiety in crowds, acute anxiety with heart palpitations, pacing, sweating, nightmares and high energy.  This is the acute state of fear – it is very intense and present but appears in episodes.  When the fear settles down into a persistent, chronic place you need Opium.  Opium addresses the desire to just withdraw, sleep, numb out completely from any and all pain.  The motivation for this behaviour is a deep fear state. 

When women experience birth trauma they and their babies can go into an Opium state.  Birth trauma is not really an accurate term as I feel the trauma is already present, it is the circumstances of the birth that bring the fear to the surface and sparks it into action. 

Opium works very well for women that are paralysed with fear, especially on a physical level.  During second stage a woman needing Opium will act as if they are not even in labour.  All contractions will either slow entirely or cease and she will snore in a deep slumber between pushing/contractions.  Her face will be dusky and she will prefer the room to be dark. 

Postpartum,  Opium women have major issues with constipation, snoring, and sensations of numbness in their reproductive organs.  They will likely have the very, very sleepy babies – ones that need to be wiped down with a cool cloth to wake to nurse.  This is even the case in natural, home births in which the babies do not encounter drugs. 

It is possible to clear fear from your body.  Pay attention to feelings of distress on a mental/emotional or physical level.  Your body is trying to express and move forward.  Use homeopathy to support this movement.


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