Homeopathy and Miscarriage

There are homeopathic remedies to take when you are experiencing the symptoms of a miscarriage.  The remedies will either assist your body in maintaining a safe haven for your baby or support your body in completing the miscarriage.  To find the match for you it would be best to be under the care of a homeopathic doctor.  If you do experience a miscarriage then two remedies will really support your physical healing:  Phosphoric Acid 200C – 2 pellets twice a day for five days and Ferrum phos 6X tissue salts – 2 pellets twice a day for one month. 

For mental/emotional support which is necessary and as important as your physical healing again it is best to connect with a homeopath and find the remedy that really matches your experience most closely.  If you need help finding a homeopath please feel free to let me know if I can assist you.


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