Remedies for Your Newborn

Babies that are born with any degree of trauma could hugely benefit from two simple remedies.  Arnica 200C and Aonite 1M .  Both of these remedies are particularly useful in the following situations:

  • bruising from forceps, vacuum or malpresentation.
  • resuscitation of any kind
  • internal fetal monitoring – scalp clip
  • born into a room in which there is fear – i.e:  presence of meconium, unreassuring fetal heart tones, hemorrhage etc. 
  • separation of mothers and babies
  • cesarean births
  • families that were not prepared for spontaneous home births

Two pellets of Arnica 200C followed by two pellets of Aconite 1M for mother, baby and anyone else that is feeling shaken will ground everyone and clear any feelings of fear and anxiety.  This may need to be repeated every hour for the first few hours until nursing has been established and all is well and calm.  Check out  for high quality homeopathic remedies that come in poppy seed pellet format – these work fabulously for newborns.


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