Top Three Remedies for Sexual Abuse Survivors During Birth

The top three remedies that I use to support women with a sexual abuse history during birth are:

  • Aconite 1M – two pellets for intense fear, panic, feeling overwhelmed and out of control.  The persistent language and thought is that “I am going to die”.  The Aconite will ground you and keep you in the present.
  • Belladonna 1M – two pellets especially for the point at 91/2 cm dilation with a lip of cervix remaining.  A perfect remedy for any woman that wants to escape, tries to get off the bed during examinations, pulling hair, biting – a degree of wildness to her and her experience of birth.  She is usually hot, flushed and dissociated.
  • Phosphorus 1M – two pellets for women that become fearful when they notice others around them are afraid.  This may be people they have at the birth or a birth attendant that seems flustered.  Phosphorus women tend to bleed when they are frightened and is an excellent remedy for anyone with a history of hemorrhage. 

For more in depth information on these remedies please refer to my website – and my e-book – A Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy available on the site.


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