Aconite for Birth Trauma

Aconite 1M is a homeopathic remedy for panic attacks, fear of dying and fear from previous situations carrying forward into the present.  This remedy is appropriate for the following situations:

  • fast births in which mothers and babies can’t get on top of contractions or catch their breath
  • an induction remedy – will assist a woman into labour when she has a strong fear of the pain holding her back
  • transition when the mother feels she is going to die
  • a birth in which people in the room believe the baby is in danger of dying
  • retention of urine in a baby or mother postpartum
  • panic attacks – mom, dad or grandparents
  • an excellent remedy to take after a frightening experience – this will clear the experience so that is not carried forward. 

Take two pellets of Aconite 1M – the effects are usually very fast – you will feel calmer, grounded, breathing will slow and become deeper and more regular.  A baby that needs Aconite will stop crying, open their eyes and jaw in a relaxed manner. 

For more in depth information on this remedy and its uses visit my website –   and specifically my e-book – A Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy.  Alternatively you can access articles I have written on this topic in Midwifery Today – an international midwifery journal.


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