Emotional Addictions and Your Birth

Have you ever considered what you may be addicted to emotionally?  Most people have patterns that are reoccurring in their lives that all feed into a central set of beliefs.  Quantum physics says that we manifest situations to feed the biochemical cravings of our cells – this means the beliefs we hold and the emotions attached to those beliefs.  What this translates to during a birth experience is a playing out of those deep patterns. 

For example, a woman with a history of sexual abuse may want to have a home birth because she wants to avoid any type of medical domination of her body or choices.  Her belief is that if she is in that situation she will be unable to defend herself or her baby.  Mysteriously situations arise which require going to the hospital and usually her belief  is reinforced, a combination of fear, guilt and pain control the situation and she feels out of control and helpless.  If she had addressed the belief about feeling helpless initially she could have planned to create ways to address any situation that arose.  Her belief that she is unable to defend herself is an old one and giving birth is one very powerful opportunity to overturn that belief and create something new and equally dynamic.  Consider the beliefs that are driving your choices around your birth experience.


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